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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
If you are on our website, you can click on "Sign Up" and create your account. If you are having problems signing up then please call us directly at 702-900-8790 and we will help you!
If the food is being delivered to the same location, can the account be shared?
Yes, you can order for all members of your family, friends, or your co-workes through one account! Once you are logged in, click "My Account", then choose "Member Manager." You can add as many people as you like. Simply drag menu items to your meal calendar, and choose the person whot the meal is for! Remember, meals on your calendar are always delivered the day before the day on scheduled on your meal calendar. Saturday and Sunday meals are delivered on Friday.
Do you have a fitness professional referral program for trainers, nutritionists, etc?
Yes, if you are a fitness professional, you can actuall set the meal plans for your clients - and on top of that, you receive commissions on their meals that you can use yourself towards food or cash.
What email address can I send any questions or comments I have about FreshEX?
Please send any questions or comments to info@freshex.com
How many calories are in each meal?
If entirely depends on what meal you order. We update the calorie count for you in real-time as you add, change or remove ingredients to your meal. Click on any picture of a meal and you will get a label with all nutrional and calorie information for the meal.
How do I heat the meals?
All of our hot meals are safe to eat cold because they are pre-cooked, however we think the hot meals taste better hot! For those, we deliver our food in microwave safe containers. Each meal will have a label with recommended cooking times and instructions. Generally, most meals require only 45 seconds of cooking time in most microwave ovens (depending on the power of your microwave and your personal preferences!).
As for our cold menu items such as salads, we strongly recommend not heating those!
How many days do the meals last?
Properly refrigerated meals last 3-4 days; remember we do not add any preservatives to any of our meals.
Are the meals ever frozen?
No, we prepare the meals fresh. The meals and meats are never frozen.
When are my meals delivered?
Meals are delivered by our delivery staff between 2 pm and 6 pm the day before the meal date on your meal calendar. Meals for Saturday and Sunday are delivered on Friday.
Is there any additonal fee for meal delivery?
Meal delivery is included in our meal price so there is no additional fee for delivery.
Do you have a specific delivery area?
We currently deliver meals throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.
How do I get the food?
Your food can be delivered to your home, office, or hotel.
Note: If you are staying at the hote, we will deliver at a certain time and will call you or text you to pickup your deliveries. If you do not respond within 5 minutes then you will have to pickup your meals from our kitchen - or need to pay an additional delivery charge. You will be charged for your meals regardless.
What if I live in a gated community?
If you live in a gated community, just make sure to provide us with your gate code. If you have a 24 hour guard, put "FreshEX" on your permanent visitors list.
What time is the food delivered?
Currently, we deliver between 2 pm and 6 pm the day before the meal date. This means that Tuesday meals are delivered on Monday, Wednesdays's meals are delivered on Tuesday, etc. Saturday and Sunday meals are delivered on Friday.
The food is delivered in our custom insulated bag with ice packs sealed with a tamper proof security seal. Our bags have been tested to ensure that the food is kept at the appropriate temperature and is safe to eat. We deliver every day and delivery is always FREE.
Can you deliver at a specific time?
Unfortunately, no. As we sign on more customers, our routes change and we may move people to different routes. As a result, the food cannot be guaranteed to be delivered at a specific time. The good news is that the more members we have, the more flexible our time schedules will be in the future.
What do I do with my insulated cooler bag and ice packs?
Just leave our bag outside where we deliver it with the ice packs inside. We will pickup the empty bag the next time we deliver to you.
Do you charge a bag deposit like other companies?
No we do not charge a bag deposit fee up front, but if you don’t return our to us, you will be charged a $25 per bag fee.
What if I cancel service and I still have a bag?
If you decide you no longer wish to use our service and you still have one of our bags, you can either drop it off at our facility for free, or we charge a $5 fee for each pickup attempt.
What if I forget to leave the bag out?
If we do not get our bags back we charge $25 per missing bag. We do not do this immediately; if you forget one night, we will make note that we are missing a bag from you and you can leave two bags out the following night and we will take note that we got the missing bag. We will attempt to contact you to get the bag back before we charge for a missing bag.